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fml I have a blog

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Kaiji, Season 2
  EvilSky, Dec 06 2011

So I just finished watching the 26 episodes of this new season. For those that haven't seen the original I recommend checking it out, this new one however I wouldn't bother.
The first half is pretty decent, even tho its still a major drop in quality from the first season. But where it got really shitty was the second half. I found myself muttering "ffs" as I was 2x speeding thru that drawn out endless drivel. I dont even know how to describe it, it almost felt like a parody of the original, like the authors were mocking me for even liking it in the first place... It was awful and it managed to take a dump on all the themes that made the first season great. Even as I was wishing for it to end already the ending itself was terrible and just managed to bum me out even more.

This anger actually just now kinda brings me back to a show Ive watched like a month ago that made me furious. The show in question is Ringer, its a chick show but it had Buffy as the lead so I gave it a shot.
The particular scene that was so enraging was at like episode 3 or 4, she assumed her twin sisters identity and her sisters husband had surprised her with a fancy dress made for her. So its evening and they are alone in their house and shes in the dress, she gets all teary eyed and he says like " whats wrong? you don't like it do you?" and she gets all emotional and almost cries and goes " No, its just that its the nicest thing anybody has even done for me" and at this point I had to physically remove myself from my seat and walk around my flat talking to myself.
The reason for that is that while this dress shit was going on, her A.A sponsor is getting his face smashed in by some mafia guys for covering for this bitch,that earlier that DAY called him to ask for help because she killed some guy and doesn't know what to do with the body. The FBI is after her, this murderous mafia guy wants her dead and she just killed some guy and needs help with the body, so despite all that this guy goes " dont worry, Im gonna fly over and were gonna deal with this together". But apparently that doesnt quite hold up to some rich cunt buying her a fancy dress... I think I yelled "oh you fucking bitch" and then had to walk it off, it might be the angriest Ive ever gotten at something fictional and Im actuall getting a little angry right now just remembering it.

I have no idea why I just wrote all this shit... Im off to sleep -.-

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TED Talks:
  EvilSky, Oct 24 2011

This is a pretty interesting talk about google and fb and how they filter information. I may just be a tinfoil hat wearing fool but this is kinda scary for me and I feel it is very wrong. What do you guys think?

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  EvilSky, Dec 31 2010

I dont usually post results but since lotta people here have had such a shitty month Ive gotta show a shiny one like mine.
Some runbad but mostly my fault for playing 10/20 and 25/50 with little to no table selection because "I wanted to challenge myself" or some stupid shit like that, at the end there I started to mount a little comeback at lower stakes but it was too little too late.

happy new year :D

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